These are great! I've owned 5 sets over the years and use them in all my work boots, snowboarding boots, and skate shoes! They last a long time and are by far the most superior foot beds on the market. I've used heat molded cork foot beds to super feet and everything In between and these especially for the price are amazing. I worked as a terrain park attendant in lake Tahoe snowboarding everyday and with these foot beds I never bruised my heel which I have sustained really bad Bone bruises in my heels before without them. Highly recommended!

MEDIC IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Mark Carter Wild Mustang Insoles

These were a life saver! I beat myself to a pulp, and these insoles help with recovery. They help keep me aligned so I can work on alignment and help my knees, ankles, and hips recover more quickly.

Patrick H.
MEDIC IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Mark Carter Wild Mustang Insoles

Swap Out Your Stock Insoles!

Some shoes are known for being rough on your feet… “But they look so cool” that you fight off the pain to pull off a look. News flash, nobody can see inside your shoes. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your insoles. They look awesome, but they feel even better!

Chris P.
DESTIN IMPACT 5MM Low-All Arch | Dead Foot Insoles

Threw these in and did several back to back 6 hour days chasing my kids around sugarbush.. Highly recommend replacing your blown out or brand new inserts with real arch support inserts.

Christopher D.
MEDIC IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Bryan Iguchi Mohawk Insoles

Made my snowboard boots exponentially more comfortable no more time wasted between runs waiting for my feet to stop hurting.

Peter B.
CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Steve Caballero Insoles


Fit right into for snowboard boots and makes the impact from jumps minimal.

Tyson C.
DESTIN IMPACT 5MM Low-All Arch | Tommy Sandoval Lion Insoles

Feeling Great!

I spend a lot of time on my feet (both at work and skating) and these insoles are great, keeping my feet comfortable and pain free. Great product.

Tom B.
CUSH CLASSIC 4MM Mid-High Arch | Clouds Insoles

Made My Shoes Usable

Trimmed up nicely and saved a pair of terribly uncomfortable sneakers.

Chris K.
MEDIC IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Travis Rice Flying Tiger Insoles

Great fit, super comfortable, easy to trim!

I run a terrain park and spend lots of days on my feet - sooo comfy!

Zack J.
CUSH CLASSIC 4MM Mid-High Arch | Reflexology Insoles